How To Use A Maternity Pillow – Blog Advice

How To Use A Maternity Pillow - Blog Advice

Pregnancy is the most beautiful moment for any woman. It is a period that different emotions ranging from so much joy, bliss, anticipation, pain, and discomforts. A maternity pillow is used to help a woman manage the pain, discomfort and get the much-needed sleep during the pregnancy. The question most pregnant women ask is how they can use a maternity pillow, see this in depth pregnancy pillow review.

Correct Design, Quality And Size

A maternity pillow ought to be able to bend when folded. The content in the pillow should not lump up when you bend.

Choosing the best quality and size will make you more comfortable and will be a solution to the pain. It should be able to offer support to your neck, back, thighs, legs, neck and weight.

Follow Instructions

Some instructions come with every maternity pillow purchased. Pregnant women need to ensure all then instructions are followed to the letter to achieve better results. Most of the instructions recommend that the woman ought to sleep on your side.

Support To The Body

Using proper support, by placing the pillow in between the thighs, provides support for the lower part of the body. This helps with circulation of the blood and relieve pressure, especially on the joints.

The baby bump ought to be in the middle while the top part will be used as a regular pillow to offer support to the neck and shoulders. When sleeping ensure that the spine remains straight to avoid back pains, soreness of the neck and shoulders.

Protect The Belly

When sleeping ensure you pull a portion of the pillow below the belly view more. The proper position of the belly ensures the belly muscles are well aligned hence being comfortable in between sleep and naps.

Covering the belly is important since it reduces the pressure on the abdominal nerves and uterus, hence, having a sound sleep. This stage highly depends on the design of the maternity pillow. It is also important that one consult a gynecologist on when to start using a maternity pillow.

Protect The Back

The back is supported by ensuring a portion of the maternity pillow covers the back of the body. This offers support and stability of the body during sleep. This prevents the rolling on the back.

Proper use of the maternity pillow can help improve the maternity experience for any future mother when used in the right way. Learning to use the maternity pillow effectively will make it more comfortable and prevent complications that arise from poor posture.

Olive Oil Health Benefits

olive oil health benefits

Olive oil is good for your health. Did that come as a surprise? I hope it did not! The fats in a high quality olive oil is great for your heart and many other things. Down below is a list with some of the health benefits with olive oil


olive oil health benefits
Olive oil is great for your Heart and Prevents Cancer!

It has been shown in recent studies that olive oil decrease the risk of you getting cancer. Isn’t that great?

Reduces the risk of Diabetes

The scientific journal Diabetes Care recently posted a study where they showed that olive oil reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes. To eat a diet enriched with nutrition olive oil fats had a 50% better result than just eating a low-fat based diet. If you ask me, that goes to show how awesome olive oil really is. It’s not only good for your taste buds, It’s also good for your body!

Olive oil can prevent strokes

There was a study made in France where they tested nearly 8000 people. The result of the test showed that used olive oil in their foods regularly had a 41% lower risk of getting a stroke. That’s something to consider if you’re thinking about starting to eat olive oil.

Olive oil keeps your heart Happy

It’s not a secret that olive oil is good for your heart. It has been known for centuries, people has always been using olive oil for their foods. It was recently discovered that olive oil helps your heart to stay healthier and younger for longer.

Olive oil is good for your skin and hair

Have you ever tried to put some good authentic olive oil in your hair or on your skin. Trust me, it does wonders! Put it in your hair for 10 minutes in the shower before you wash it out. Your hair will be so soft and healthy afterwards!